Acroprint ET/ETC

Acroprint ET/ETC Time Stamps and EN Numbering Machines

Heavy Duty Time, Date Document Stamps

Heavy Duty Document Control Stamps can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These stamps provide an efficient, cost effective way to register year, month, date and time on important documents. Stamps are automatic print recorders; inserting the document, which allows one-hand print operation, activates the machine. Typewheels deliver a sharp clean imprint and can penetrate multiple copies. All units are rust and corrosion resistant. Made in the USA.

Standard Stamp is the Electronic Time Stamp (ETC comes with a digital clock display). Other Stamps can be built to order to fit your specific needs such as Numbering Stamps, Date and Number Stamps, Date Stamps or Text Stamps.

Optional engraved plates allow for specific information to print on forms. Some examples would be: Company Name, Department Name, Received or Filed to be fixed in place for your business requirements.

These stamps can be used for all document control applications from front office/purchase orders/mail to shipping/receiving forms and are suitable for any size Businesses environment.

Features and Benefits:
Heavy Duty Time Recorder. Withstands harsh environments and thousands of print registrations per Day.
Electronically controlled printing assures clean instant registration.
Provides an indisputable record of year, month, date, and time.
Quality designed. Timing motor provides the highest accuracy.
Print control adjustment allows for multi-copy printing
Precision type wheels deliver a sharp, clean imprint to penetrate multiple copies and withstands thousands of registrations per day