Acroprint Time Clock Model ES900

Multi-Function Side Printing Time Clock, Time Stamp or Numbering Machine

Set the ES900 once and forget it, Never Needs Resetting! The Perpetual Calendar automatically advances the date including Daylight Saving Time. The easy to read LCD Display indicates the Date, Time and Day of Week and the clear cover makes time cards and documents easy to align.

Suggested List Price: $395.00
Your Price: $340.00

Features and Benefits:
Battery Backup. Means it is always on time, maintains correct time during power outages and Daylight Saving Time changes
Over 300 print configurations and left or right hand print. You do not have to change your time cards, job cards or forms. Print it your way!
Printing selections include Manual, Automatic, and Semi-Automatic. Gives you flexibility to print on any type of paper, thin onion skins to thick cards.
I-Mark, the “irregular” mark, identifies Early and Late punches. Speeds up time card calculations and improves payroll accuracy.
Thirteen preset messages: RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGIN, APR’D, CMPL’D. Records each activity when action is taken on forms. .
Password protected with user selected 4-digit numeric password. Your program cannot be changed without your knowledge.
Consecutive Numbering (1 to 8 digits) with up to 9 repeats. Assists with document management, filing, retrieving.
Optional Features and Benefits:
Signal Control for sounding buzzer, bell or horn. Audibly notifies employees of shift start and stop times.